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Meet the Artist

Meghna Shah

     Meghna (aka Magna) Shah is a fashion designer & fashion illustrator by profession. She has always followed art even in her profession. She started working as a fashion illustrator followed by fashion designer and then succeeded by becoming a Henna Artist.

     At the age of 5, Meghna would spend most of her time drawing cartoon characters and wonderful abstract designs. While she was attending Gonville school in London, her teacher recognized her skills and advised Mr. & Mrs. Dhruve to help Meghna follow her passion at one of the PTA meeting.

     At the age of 10, Meghna started playing around with Henna cones, recognizing her interest in Henna, her mother Mrs. Trupti enrolled her into professional Henna design Studio at age of 12.

     Soon after completing her Henna training and acquiring degree in Fashion Designing in 2011, she started taking professional henna orders for Birthday parties, Wedding and Mehndi ceremonies in India and abroad.

     Meghna Shah feels blessed by having such wonderful parents Mr. Vipul & Mrs. Trupti Dhruve for supporting her throughout the training and various milestones achieved in her professional career. She also says, she is lucky to have Mr. Prem Shah, as her husband who supports in this venture like her backbone.

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